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Entwerfen, Entfernen, Entleeren (Entarten, Entfallen, Entern)

Thursday, 05 Aug 2021

18:00 - 19:30 Next Liberty

How we want to live in the future- The accessibility of information increases the disillusionment of the informed. Do we know too much? Or is something still missing? The instruction manual? Or the time to apply the knowledge? Is reason a suitable tool against sheer masses, floods of data? How do we keep our bearings in the long run when our environment consists of trends washed around algorithmically? How is reason to be cultivated in bodies that are incessantly emotionally appealed to by automated advertising expertise?

Ann Cotten and Peter Rantasa present current utopias and visionary practices in connection with the exhibition "The City as Data Field". In conversation with Sangeeta Isvaran (India), they explore the different momentum in utopias and dystopias, in manifestations of critique and vision. They will also talk about the difficulties of acting in a media world, about prognoses, errors and the factor of time, about the role of automations and rationalistic myths in a world that is not, after all, a world of statements. What can different languages achieve here: art and poetry, the street and philosophy, activism?

Presented in cooperation with Grazmuseum / Kulturjahr 2020

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