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Elevate Festival History 2005 - 2022

Founded in 2005 as an innovative conference with concerts, performances and DJ lines, over the years Elevate has developed to a festival that highlights the latest developments at the interfaces of science, art, media and civil society.

The idea for a large-scale festival for advanced contemporary culture and political discourse arose in the summer of 2004. The idea was to inspire thousands of visitors with a cutting-edge program and underline the city of Graz as a place for intercultural exchange of ideas, political thinking and common discovery to emphasize contemporary art.

Here you can find the discoursive and artistic highlights from the past 18 years:

Elevate Festival 2022 – Transition

After a postponement due to the pandemic, Elevate took place for the second time in the summer from 13 to 17 July 2022. The (inter)national audience enlivened the city with young, contemporary festival culture at 12 venues and more than 43 individual events. With more than 10,000 visitors, the festival was on a pleasingly high level. Compared to the previous year, there was a significant increase in the influx of visitors from abroad.

The musical highlights included the performance of performance icon Peaches at the Orpheum on Saturday, which spread euphoria across the generations, a wonderful Sunday matinée at the Orangery of the Burggarten in Graz and the performance of Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona at the Postgarage. The latter also signed the Golden Book of the City of Graz in the presence of the Graz city government.

The discourse area of the festival offered interesting discussions on various topics such as psychology and mental wealth, propaganda and disinformation in times of war and crisis as well as crypto, blockchain, NFTs and net politics in connection with the festival theme Transition.

The Elevate Arts section was characterised by very well-attended interventions and installations in the Mausoleum of the Cathedral Church, the Forum Stadtpark and the Orpheum Extra. The red flags of Digital Dictatorship by the artists Zara Alexandrova and Zoran Georgiev were widely received by the media and visible from afar in the cityscape; they were put up in the immediate vicinity of the Graz clock tower.


Alyona Alyona – Andreas Sator – Bernhard Steirer – Christoph Weiss – Daniel Görtz / Hanzi Freinacht – Daniel Lohninger – Daniela Ingruber – David Steinwender – Elisabeth Hufnagl – Geraldine de Bastion – Hannes Werthner – Hosea Ratschiller – Indy Johar – Irina Nalis – Jacob Sylvester Bilabel – Jakob Winter – Jakob-Moritz Eberl – Jana Lasser – Joja – Katharina Zwins – Leonhard Rabensteiner – Lyana Mytsko – Maja Göpel – Maximilian Hartmann – Natalie Brunner – Peaches – Tante – Theresa Imre – Thomas Lohninger

Music und Art

/DL/MS/ – AJA – Alisa Kobzar – Alyona Alyona – Anika – Anna Arkusyna – Anna Maly – Apua – Attila – Bill B. Wintermute – Blyskawica & Gasolina – Bobby Would – Carmen Villain – Catnapp – Chloé Robinson – Cid Rim – DJ Bus Replacement Service – DJ Durbin – DJ Jackhammer – DJ Stingray 313 – DJ Void – DJ Warzone – Edka Jarząb – FaUSt – Franjazzco – Gerriet K. Sharma –GiGi FM – GLOP II – Goldberg – Grrrls DJ Crew – Hosea Ratschiller – Isabella Forciniti – Jigsaw Beggars – Jillian – Joja – Julia Giertz – Kariyan – Kessel Vale – Kollektiv Sheesh – Lipelis – Maja Göpel – Mike Stellar – Milès Borghese – Nugi – Palms Trax – Peaches – R. Gravlinik – Schtum – Skee Mask – Sophia Kennedy – sowie – Stereoist – Stipo – Sucre Sucre – The Brian Jonestown Massacre – The Sunbathing Society – Utrumque – Veza Fernandez – Yushh – Zara Alexandrova & Zoran Georgiev – Zoë Mc Pherson – Zosia Hołubowska –  ̶m̶̶u̶̶n̶̶ ̶̶s̶̶i̶̶n̶̶g̶

Elevate Festival 2021 - Momentum

For the first time since its foundation in 2005, Elevate Festival was held in the summer. After two postponements, the first summer edition of Elevate Festival took place from August 04 - 08, 2021: More than 10,000 visitors danced, celebrated and discussed in the multi-layered program of art, contemporary music and political discourse. Over 75 artists and speakers enlivened the city with young, contemporary festival culture at 14 venues. By uniquely combining critical political discourse with a wide variety of musical genres and a dedicated arts program, this year's Elevate once again created a space for exchange and exposure to new and innovative content. The festival brought together human rights experts, climate researchers and activists from all over the world with musicians and artists from other disciplines and thus facilitated an exciting, cross-genre and practical dialogue on this year's programmatic motto "Momentum".

A special highlight in this very special year was offered by Elevate Extended: Elevate brought the Berlin duo Modeselektor, who have been shaping the electronic music scene since the early 2000s with their extravagant DJ sets and cross-genre productions, to the big stage at Schlossberg in Graz in an exclusive show on Aug. 28, 2021.
The 3D installation "77 Million Paintings" by this year's star guest Brian Eno could also be experienced until Aug. 28, 2021, as well as Eno's sound installation "Music for Elevators" in the Schlossberg lift, which could be experienced far beyond the festival.

Re-Imagine Europe, a European-wide art production and presentation project, brings together European art with science and political discourse in various European locations until 2021. Thanks to Elevate, Graz is one of the hotspots of this project.

Through the We Are Europe festival collaboration, Elevate Festival welcomed again partners in Graz: Sonar Festival from Barcelona, TodaysArt Festival from The Hague and Reworks Festival from Thessaloniki were visiting and co-curating some of the art programme and discourse sessions.


Philipp Blom - Ariadne von Schirach - Max Schrems - Ann Cotten - Renata Avila - Peter Schneider - Cinzia Sciuto - Dimitri Hegemann - Xenia Ermoshina - Paul Poet - Maryam Laura Moazedi - Thomas Edlinger - Sangeeta Isvaran - Wole Adegbule - Despina Natsi - Marcell Mars - Joana Moll - Alexandra-Anna Panic - Andrea Fioravanti - Pablo Elorduy - Martina Di Pirro - Juli Simond - Kyrill Hartog - Peter Rantasa - André Menrath - Martina Brunner - David Prieth - Emilia G. Morales - Antònia Folguera - Joja - Johnny Bliss - Daniel Erlacher

Music und Art

Ada Kobusiewicz - Anger - Anna von Hausswolff - Apua - Arp Animal Orchestra - Asfast - Attila - Awo Ojiji - Azu Tiwaline - Bill B. Wintermute - Bocksrucker & Heap - Br Laser - Brian Eno - Columbush - Culk - DJ Durbin - DJ Stefan Egger - DJ Void - Dr. Rubinstein - EMA - Goldberg - Grrrls DJ Crew - Inou Ki Endo - Ivan Marušic Klif - Jessica Ekomane - Jóhann Jóhannsson - Joja - Karolina Preuschl - Kevin Richard Martin - Klaus Masuda - KŒNIG - Land of Ooo - Last and First Men - Lorem - Lukas Lauermann - Maria W Horn - Mats Erlandsson - Mentalien - Minolta - Modeselektor - Monique Fessl - Monsterheart - Mouse on Mars - Nene H - Nevena Jeremic - Olgica - Patrick K. H. - Pedro Maia - Philipp Blom - Polyxene - Puschmann - Rdeca Raketa - Richie Herbst - Sowie - Sun People - Teki Latex - Uschi Ultra - Yair Elazar Glotman - Zanshin

>> Elevate Festival 2021 website

Elevate Festival 2020 - Human Nature

From March 04 to March 08 2020, around 10,000 visitors discussed, danced and celebrated at more than 70 individual events in the multi-faceted programme of art, music and political discourse at the Elevate Festival 2020 in Graz. More than 100 artists and speakers enlivened the city with young, contemporary festival culture at more than 16 venues.

For five consecutive days, countless concerts, art actions and discussions took place in and around the Schlossberg in Graz. For years, people from all over the world have been coming together in the middle of Europe to exchange ideas, dance, marvel and make plans for future-oriented projects.

Through the unique combination of critical-political discourse with a wide variety of musical genres and its own arts programme, the Elevate Festival once again created a space to exchange and get to know new and innovative content. The festival brought together human rights experts, climate researchers and activists from all over the world with musicians and artists from other fields, thus enabling an exciting, cross-genre and practical dialogue on this year's programmatic motto "Human Nature".

The heart of the festival is still its versatile music programme, which presented modern music on 9 stages between progressive club sounds, exciting live concerts, rousing beats and electro-acoustic experiments. As usual, the music section of the Elevate Festival 2020 offered the opportunity to explore a wide range of electronic and related music. Besides international headliners and pioneers, national artists and newcomers also played a major role in the program. Meeting places for a cross-generational audience between electronic and popular music, disco and reflection, avatngarde and ecstasy were created.

"With our programme we show that curiosity, dialogue and openness are the best prerequisites for successful diversity, whether in music, art or society," says Roland Oreski, festival director responsible for the music sector.

The discourse programme of the festival, with more than 50 authors, scientists, activists and representatives from business, the media and civil society, dealt with burning socio-political issues, discussed and sounded out positions and strategies for positive change over five days at the festival conference, which has received international attention for years. From philosophy to biology, from physics to psychology, from artificial intelligence to the search for spiritual meaning, to mindfulness, activism and art: the discourse programme covered a broad spectrum, which manifested itself in a variety of content-related and artistic discussions on the festival theme "Human Nature".

"The Discourse Programme 2020 was able to reach a record number of visitors with its diverse programme - we were able to address a very diverse audience that actively participated in the discussions." Daniel Erlacher, Head of Discourse

In its 16th festival edition, the Elevate Arts programme focused on sound art and art in public space: media art and interdisciplinary projects at the interface of performance, theory and sound art set accents in public spaces in the city of Graz. The events in special locations did not only conduct basic research and deal with forward-looking issues in the fields of sound art and media art, but also build bridges between the undiscovered and the future.

"Particularly pleasing from our point of view was the strong visibility of the festival in public space, as well as the very large number of international visitors and professionals. With the installation by Jimi Tenor in the Schlossberglift in Graz, Elevate will for the first time remain visible and audible in Graz beyond the festival days". Bernhard Steirer, Managing Director Elevate

Through the We Are Europe festival collaboration, the Nuits Sonores / European Lab Festival from Lyon as well as the c/o pop Festival from Cologne, were visiting and co-curating some of the music acts and discourse sessions.


Adenike Oladosu - Elizabeth Wathuti - Douglas Rushkoff - Ankathie Koi - Gail Bradbrook - Norman Ohler - Ariadne von Schirach - Asi Rua - Shermin Voshmgir - Kathrin Henneberger - Harry Witchel - Daniel Pinchbeck - Nnimmo Bassey - Helga Kromp-Kolb - Ulrich Brand - Moon Ribas - Oswald Wiener - Jacob Sylvester Bilabel - Vincent Moon - Jascha Rohr - Xenia Ermoshina - Manuel Beltrán - Nayantara Ranganathan - Michel Bauwens - John Jordan - Simona Rakuša - Thomas Hamre - Adrian Freedman - Alba G. Corral - Griff Green - Jovanka von Wilsdorf - Irina Nalis - Roc Jiménez de Cisneros - Tamara Ehs - Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka - Thomas Zeinzinger - Fridays for Future Graz - Mahsa Ghafari - Lisa Blanning - Clumsy - Leo Kühberger - Leo Kudlicka - Franz Nahrada - Lea Susemichel - Daniela Oberndorfer - Markus Gönitzer - Frank Jödicke - Christine Hirtl - Carolina Subow - Sigrid Heistinger - Marlies Pratter - Katharina Müller - Jonas Pirerfellner - Alina Brad - Andreas Exner - Reni Hofmüller - David Steinwender - Brigitte Kratzwald - Thomas Waitz - Josef Obermoser - Daniel Erlacher

Music und Art

Meta Morelli - Tobec_Lumen - Roi Vaara - Attila - Luc Ferrari - Lucia Kagramanyan - Charlemagne Palestine - Goldberg - Sacha Mambo - Sherelle - Peter Stiegler - Booty Carrell - Dorian Concept & Zanshin - SRGJ - Katharina Klement - C.O.R.N! - Dalia Ahmed - Bookworms - Monophobe - François Bonnet - Peach - DJ Durbin - David Rodigan - John Chantler - Peter Kutin presents TORSO#1 - Ceephax Acid Crew - DJ Lag - Yuzu - Kelly Lee Owens - Jan Jelinek - Bambounou - Acousmonium - Fingers Of God - Jessy Lanza - Giant Swan - Jimi Tenor - Mia Dyberg - Grrrls DJ Crew - Mermaid & Seafruit - Adriana Celentana - Depart - Deafblind - 3Phaz - Conny Frischauf - Daniel Avery - Conny Plank  -  The Potential Of Noise - Michael Rother - Ouri - re:ni - Casual Gabberz - Alllone - Benedikt Alphart - Battle Cat - Gischt - Gilles Peterson - Moska - Therese Terror - Jean - Claude Risset - EVOL - KTL - Mieux - Mama Feelgood & Mr. Farmer - Via App - Lucy Railton - Okkyung Lee - Hatis Noit - Gudrun Gut - utrumque - The International Nothing - Other Worlds - BJ Nilsen - Michèle Bokanowski

>> Elevate Festival 2020 website


Elevate Festival 2019 - TRUTH

For 5 days around 10,000 visitors discussed, danced and celebrated and transformed the city of Graz again into a hotspot for young, contemporary festival culture from 27 February to 3 March 2019. Through the unique combination of critical-political discourse with a great variety of musical genres and its own art programme, Elevate once again created a space for the exchange and getting to know new and innovative contents. The festival brought together human rights experts, climate researchers and activists from all over the world with musicians and artists from other genres, thus enabling an exciting, cross-genre and practical dialogue on this year's programmatic motto "Truth".

Music: Sold-out concert highlights, excellent attendance in the club area

The musical spectrum was characterized by soft, loud, unheard-of and never-before-heard tones and offered a successful diversity from different genres - the music program of the Elevate Festival 2019 was as varied as never before. Live concerts, audiovisual experiments, commissioned compositions and all kinds of electronic beats were the basic components on more than eight stages in and around Graz's Schlossberg; spaces for encounters between e- and underground music, disco and reflection, avant-garde and ecstasy were created.

Highlights were the sold-out concert highlights of Sunn O)) and DAF in the Orpheum, but also the club music program in the locations in the mountain enjoyed almost complete capacity utilization.

Discourse: Pamela Anderson, Sexy Activism and a well-attended Programme

One focus of the discourse programme was on activists who are committed to important socio-political issues in the spotlight of the public. The guest star of this year's festival was Pamela Anderson, an actress and model who has long been active as an animal rights activist. Other international guests at the festival were Nnimmo Bassey from Nigeria, environmentalist and poet, winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize "Right Livelihood Award", and Srecko Horvat, Croatian philosopher and democracy activist at DiEM25.

The individual programme days with more than 30 individual events in the Forum Stadtpark and the Kunsthaus Graz were thematically broad in the various formats of discussion round, talk, workshop and documentary film. The festival's theme of truth was debated in the spectrum of media, journalism, technology and art, facts about right-wing extremism and terrorism were questioned, and topics such as migration and the climate crisis were also discussed.

Art at the Festival - Visible from the Clock Tower to the Public Space

In 2019, the art section of the Elevate Festival featured the "Creative Europe Culture" project Re-Imagine Europe as well as a newly strengthened partnership with the Institute for Art in Public Space at the Universalmuseum Joanneum. For the 15th anniversary edition, two interdisciplinary art productions in public space could be realized: "Liquid Truth" by the Berlin interaction studio schnellebuntebilder in collaboration with the design duo Knoth & Renner and Elevate Arts curator Berit Gilma, and the multi-day art action "" by the interdisciplinary art collective kleft. In addition, there was a festival residency of its own, designed by British artist Jeremy Carne, which could be seen in the Schlossbergstollen for the duration of the festival.

Re-Imagine Europe, a European-wide art production and presentation project, brings together European art with science and political discourse in various European locations until 2021. Thanks to Elevate, Graz is one of the hotspots of this project.

Through the We Are Europe festival collaboration, the Unsound Festival from Krakov, Poland as well as the Insomnia Festival from Tromsö, Norway, were visiting and co-curating some of the music acts and discourse sessions.


Pamela Anderson - Nnimmo Bassey - Srecko Horvat - Anuška Delić - Laura Wiesböck - Mathias Bröckers - Paul Poet - Katharina Nocun - Anneliese Rohrer - Thomas Moser - Erich Moechel - Julia Herrnböck - Karmen Frankl - Klaus Unterberger - Gaby Weber - Andreas Peham - Florian Skrabal - Roxana Baldrich - Peter Strasser - Judith Denkmayr - Jan Skudlarek - Claudia Garád - Eva Fischer - Alba G. Corral - Deena Abdelwahed - by Camilla Blake - Stine Janvin - Bendik Giske - Sarah Ginn - Lee Gamble - Marek Jozefiak - Jean-Frédéric Berthelot - Doro Blancke - Amanda Machin - Mathis Hampel - Mira Kapfinger - Xenia Ermoshina - Ingrid Skjoldvær - Siegfried Beer - Gottfried Kirchengast - Alexander Unzicker - Wolfgang Bogensberger - Jan Molácek - Thomas Lohninger - Barbara Wimmer - Julia Schafferhofer - Peter Pilz - Fridays for Future Graz - Gregor Ladenhauf - Clara Ginther - Thomas Zeinzinger - Cornelia Böhnisch - Lisa Blanning - Marko Dinic - InterACT - Thomas Waitz - Berit Gilma - Stefan Schartlmüller - Brigitte Kratzwald - Josef Obermoser - Daniel Erlacher - Bernhard Steirer - C.O.R.N. - IKO


Music und Art

Jayda G - DAF - Kelly Moran - Christian Hedel - Peter Broderick - Paula Temple - Sunn O))) - Kode9 - Michael Mayer - Keith Fullerton Whitman - jakob gsoellpointner - Dorian Concept - Miss Red - Bjarki - Okzharp & Manthe Ribane - Robin Fox - peter gannushkin - Lotte Anker - Zenker Brothers - Traxman - Sarah Liisborg - Astrid Sonne - kucuk - The Striggles - georg gatsas - Ikonika - rRoxymore - Deena Abdelwahed - sarah ginn - Scratchclart - Lady Lykez - Puce Mary - Nazar - Kassel Jaeger - by Camilla Blake - Stine Janvin - Vladimir Ivkovic - Lady Lynch - Slikback - December - Shannen SP - Mopcut - Bendik Giske - Sarah Ginn - Lee Gamble - Koji Morimoto - Konx-om-Pax - Kajkyt - stefan lozar - Stroblazilla - Ewa Justka - dirk skiba - Kinga Tóth - jakob isselstein - Maja Osojnik - geopho - Eva Ursprung - hanna fasching - Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka - Catta - Seppo Gründler - karin petrowitsch - Harald Hofmeister - lena prehal - Michael Eisl - erich nauschnig - Yvonne Hofmeister - Marie Stoiser/Feschmarkt - Citizens - Polyxene - Teonas Borsetto - Sun People - anatol bogendorfer - Richie Herbst - Georg Wissa - Attila & Goldberg - eva maria gugg - Michael Laab - Inou Ki Endo - manfred werner - Patrick Wurzwallner - rect_0011 - ZØTSCH - Game Over - - Johanna Lamprecht - I'm in Love with - Kollektiv - Moska - Grrrls DJ Crew - C.O.R.N.

Knoth & Renner - daniela jakob - Manhartsberger & Miltiadis - Stahl & Wolff - Jakob Glasner - schnellebuntebilder - lucija novak - Christof Ressi - Jeremy Carne - Berit Gilma


>> Elevate Festival 2019 website


Elevate Festival 2018 - Risk/Courage

Elevate Festival 2017 - Big Data, Quantification and Algorithms

Elevate Festival 2016 - We Are Europe

Elevate Festival 2015 - Elevate Creative Response!

Music & Art

Herbert (UK) Osunlade (US) Demdike Stare (UK) DJ Funk (US) Suuns & Jerusalem In My Heart (CA) Bok Bok (UK) Sigha (UK) Jimi Tenor (FI) Dorian Concept ft. Cid Rim & The Clonious (AT) Steve Hauschildt (US) Paradox (UK) The Black Madonna (US) Bulbul (AT) Helm (UK) MikeQ (US) John Heckle (UK) Chra (AT) RP Boo (US) Heatsick (UK) Etienne Jaumet (FR) Venus X (US) Suzanne Kraft (US) Prostitutes (US) HHY & The Macumbas (PT) Philipp Quehenberger (AT) Rhythmic Theory (UK) Ventil (AT) Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation (SG) Low Jack (FR) Fontarrian & Jupiter Live (AT) DJ Ripley (US) Eartheater (US) Moony Me (AT) Solo Premium (AT) Pure (AT) Ash My Love (AT) SEDVS (AT) Fam. Geschrey (AT) A:lex & Florian Scheibein (AT) Hedonismus Hacienda (AT) Simon/off (AT) other worlds (AT) Bitz & Bogdo (AT) Liik (HR) RiHi DJ Heroines of the Universe (AT) Inou Ki Endo (AT) Adriana Celentana & Columbush (AT)

hoergeREDE 15 :: Elevate Partnerfestival for Sound || Art || and New Poetry

Andrea Gunnlaugsdottir (IS) Eyal Bromberg (IL) Steven Warwick (UK) Max Czollek (DE) Rick Reuther (DE) Ricke Scheffler (DE) Oravin (AT/FI) + many more


>> Elevate Festival 2015 website

Elevate Festival 2014 - Elevate #10

Danceable club music, experimental sound art and world improvement - since 2005 the city of Graz is home to a festival that is one of a kind within Europe.

Over several days human rights activists, climatologists, technology and media specialists, and political scientists as well as pioneers of electronic music, small DIY labels and avant-garde musicians of various subgenres occupied the tranquil town on the river Mur. Lectures, panel discussions, film screenings and workshops during the day, award ceremonies, concerts, performances, and DJ line-ups in the evening – with this concept the Elevate Festival became one of the most influential forerunners for intelligent participation in the context of advanced club culture.

Discourse and Activism: Elevate #10


Amy Goodman (US), John Holloway (MX), Deanna Rodger (UK), Pat Mooney (CA), Micah Lee (US), Shoshana Zuboff (US), Silke Helfrich (DE), Nafeez Ahmed (UK), Ulrich Brand (DE), Erich Moechel (AT), Irmi Salzer (AT), Michel Bauwens (BE), Miriam Rasch (NL), Felix Stalder (CH), Antonino D'Ambrosio (US), Friederike Habermann (DE), Susanne Jordan (DE), Tsvetan Usunov (BG), Ulli Klein (AT), Markus Sabadello (AT), Jan Suhr (DE), Claudia Garád (AT), Regina Joschika (AT) u.v.m.

+ Video Message: Vandana Shiva (IN)


Music and Art

Emptyset (UK) AUX 88 (US) Vessel (UK) Source Direct (UK) Rhys Chatham (US) Fracture (UK) Shit And Shine (US) Noveller (US) Broken.Heart.Collector (AT) Homeboy (HR) Fuckhead (AT) Rebekah Aff (DE) 3 RAR (AU) Mentalien (HU) Mimu + Lukas Lauermann (AT) DJ Scotch Bonnet (JP) IZC (AT) Jerobeam Fenderson (AT) Cascao & Lady Maru (IT) OchoReSotto (AT) [[[Altar:Thron]]] (AT) Forever Traxx (AT) Macello Basstrojani (AT) The Striggles (AT) Nino Sebelic & TJ Hicks (AT) orjo (AT) Bitz & Puschmann (AT) doze (AT) Interpenetration DJ Team (AT)

hoergeREDEAnna Kim (KR/AT) bagg*fish (AT/IT/US) Burkhard Stangl (AT) Christof Kurzmann (AT) Jörg Piringer (AT) Jurczok 1001 (CH) Pia Palme (AT) Raoul Schrott (AT) Roberta Busechian (IT) Ursula Rucker (US)


>> Elevate Festival 2014 website

Elevate Festival 2013 - Elevate Open Everything?

Discourse and documentary film


'Offshore Leaks' exposed secret tax-haven account details, WikiLeaks was responsible for the release of politically explosive documents, while Edward Snowden uncovered intelligence agencies and private businesses that were spying on innocent citizens. These are all vivid examples of the ambivalence of new technologies. On the one hand, they can ensure transparency of financial flows and power relations, facilitating new forms of democracy; on the other hand, they can be used for total surveillance which would put an end to the human right to privacy. This ambivalence also applies to Open Hardware blueprints, Open Materials and 3D printing for the production of material goods. With the help of these applications machines of all kinds can be self-built at low cost; not only products that are beneficial to society, but also weapons. "Open" is therefore not necessarily good.

At the Elevate Festival 2013 the risks and potential of this new "Openness" were discussed extensively.


Birgitta Jónsdóttir (IS), Jacob Appelbaum (US), Robert David Steele (US), Anne Roth (DE), Volker Ralf Grassmuck (DE), Marion Walton (ZA), Nadim Kobeissi (CA), Alicia Gibb (US), Sam Muirhead (NZ), Catarina Mota (US), Katrín Oddsdóttir (IS), Griffin Boyce (US), Johannes Grenzfurthner (AT), Ksenia Ermoshina (RU), Stefan Meretz (DE), Tom Scott (UK), Gregor Kaiser (DE), Andreas Krisch (AT), Linnea Riensberg (DE), Michael Bauer (AT), Ulli Klein (AT), Sonja Bettel (AT), Thomas Lohninger (AT), Claudia Garád (AT), Herr Hermes (AT), …..


Against the backdrop of this year’s “Open Everything?” motto which will deal with the highly topical group of themes revolving around transparent society, surveillance, open democracy and open society, the music and arts segment of the festival was posing the question of strategies, approaches and positions in an ever-expanding sea of opportunity. The ongoing discourse in the world of electronic music and advanced pop music is to be accurately portrayed; free from prefabricated propositions and one-dimensional programme concepts. The common ground that all performing artists share is the unconditional and declared intention to immerse themselves in unconventional languages and expressions far removed from the mainstream, to take artistic risks and to dig deep instead of scratching the surface of things already in existence.


Ann Cotten (US|AT) Bibio (UK) Blood Music (UK) Blue Willa (IT) bulbul (AT) Cid Rim (AT) Clement Meyer & Tomas More (FR) clipping. (US) Cut Hands (US) Daedelus (US) Dat Politics (FR) Delroy Edwards (US) Didi Kern / Philipp Quehenberger (AT) Die Hand (AT) dieb13 (AT) DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess (NL) Dorian Concept (AT) Electric Indigo (AT) Émotional (FR) Fabian Faltin (AT) FALKNER (AT) Felix Kubin & James Pants (DE|US) Gassnhauer (AT) Hand mit Auge (AT) Heifetz (AT) Hella Comet (AT) Interpenetration DJ Team (AT) Jameszoo (NL) Jay Smoo (AT) Jon Hopkins (UK) Jupiter Live (AT) KAJKYT (BA) kon.txt (AT) Konsul Gnadenwalze (AT) Lil Louis (US) luX (AT) Macello Basstrojani (AT) Magic Mountain High (DE|IL) Majestic Mood (AT) Marko Dinic (AT) Masha Dabelka (AT) Mimu (AT) Moony Me (DE) Ninos du Brasil (IT) OchoReSotto (AT) Ogris Debris (AT) Olga Flor (AT) Opcion (AT) orjo (AT) Peverelist (UK) Pharmakon (US) Phil Minton (UK) Powell (UK) RDMH (AT) Re-lay & 19 Hertz (AT) Rer Repeter (AT) Ritornell (AT) Robert Prosser (AT) Ron Morelli (US) SEAD Academy Members (IS|IL) Simon/off (AT) Special Request / Paul Woolford (UK) SRGJ (DE) Stellar OM Source (FR) T.W.a.t.E.o.T. (AT) ThE CLoniOUs (AT) The Haxan Cloak (UK) The New Tower Generation (AT) Tumido (AT) Vakula (UA) Wolfwetz (AT) Wrekmeister Harmonies (US) – with Alex Hacke (DE) & Chris Brokaw (US) Xosar (NL)

>> Elevate Festival 2013 website

Elevate Festival 2012 - Elevate the Apocalypse?

2012 - The Apocalypse was placed as the central theme of the Elevate Festival in the form of a question: Are we going to achieve the much-needed shift towards solidarity-based economies and lifestyles that respect inherent ecological limits? Or will major disasters be necessary to bring about fundamental changes?

"Doomsday 2012" has been a reoccurring theme in the media for several years now - not least due to various predictions allegedly derived from Mayan traditions. The Winter Solstice on 21 December 2012 is incorrectly referred to as the end of the Mayan calendar, and used as an opportunity to spread dubious disaster scenarios - triggered by an abrupt geomagnetic reversal or by the sudden appearance of a "Planet X".

Beyond this, however, lie a whole lot of actual threats: unless a fundamentally different course is struck, the current economic crisis will continue to worsen, and the apparent de-democratization in the Western world will proceed. If we fail to keep climate change in check to a certain extent, significant parts of this planet may become uninhabitable for humans even within this century. And not to forget: the nuclear threat still persists even within Austria, especially by outdated nuclear reactors near the border, although it hardly crosses our mind these days. For an increasing number of people, however, especially in the global south, the major catastrophe has already ceased to be a future threat, and become everyday life: The rise of hunger, poverty and misery is the result of a global economic system that demands continual economic growth and therefore drives an ever-increasing resource consumption which leads to the destruction of vital ecosystems and arable soils.

As part of the three theme days "Understand!", "Act!" and "Develop!", the discourse program offers analyses of the latest developments by renowned experts (Understand!), presents forward-thinking alternatives that invite to become active (Act!), and tries, in cooperation with the audience, to further develop important pillars of our society (Develop!).

Concrete examples of alternative practices in the areas of food, energy and construction / housing will be presented, as well as strategies and concepts for a comprehensive democratization of societies, new forms of communication and solidarity-based models of economic activity - beyond exploitation, competition and profit.

A dialogue forum, organized in cooperation with the Austrian Broadcasting Association (ORF), deals with various approaches to the theme of the festival and examines psychological aspects and the role of the media. At the concluding Elevate Awards Show, awards are given out for the first time, to individuals and initiatives that are helping to make this world a better place.

The winner of the International Elevate Award was the woman-grassroots initiative REFDAF from Senegal. Susanne Posegga won the Elevate Artivism Award and the Hofkollektiv Wieserhoisl won the Elevate Award Steiermark.

Speakers and participants:

Sarah Kumnig (AT) Briar March (NZ) Christian Payne (UK) Clemens Haipl (AT) Cynthia McKinney (US) Daniel Reichert (DE) David Salomon (DE) Elisabeth Voß (DE) Ernst Preininger & Angela Hirmann (AT) Frank Deppe (DE) Franziskus Forster (AT) Hannes Püschel (DE) Herr Hermes (AT) Ina Zwerger (AT) Irmi Salzer (AT) Jacob Appelbaum (US) Judith Schossböck (AT) Kathrin Röggla (DE) Kurt Langbein (AT) Luise Tremel (DE) Mark Stevenson (UK) Markus Sabadello (AT) Matthias Schmelzer (DE) Mietshäuser Syndikat (DE) Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed (UK) Noam Chomsky (US) Occupy Wall Street (US) Paul Adrian Schulz (AT) Paul Friedrich (AT) Polly Higgins (UK) Rafael SMP (ES) Sascha Vanicek (AT) Stefan Rahmstorf (DE) Ulli Klein & Karin Schuster (AT) Ursula Tischner (DE) Vandana Shiva (IN) Wolfgang Kromp (AT)


Moodymann (US) The Bug feat. Daddy Freddy & Miss Red (UK) Mosca (UK) A Made Up Sound / 2562 (NL) Ras G (US) Redshape (DE) DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn (US) Skudge (SE) French Fries (FR) disrupt feat. Solo Banton (DE) Sensational feat. KOYXEи + DJ Scotch Bonnet (US) LE1F (US) Andrés (US) Roly Porter (UK) Sixtus Preiss (AT) Letherette (UK) UMA (AT) Pional (ES) Hot City (UK) Project MOE II (HR) Radikal Satan (FR) Dead Fader (UK) DEVILMAN feat. Paul PM (JP) Kakawaka (DE) Burek DJs (HR) C_C (FR) fšk & linx (SI) A(ffine)-Team (AT) willFling & Kido Soon (AT) Koenig Leopold (AT) Barbi Marković (RS) Bodo Hell (AT) Burkhard Stangl (AT) Christian Steinbacher (AT) Christine Schörkhuber (AT) Ensemble EIS (AT) / Christoph Herndler (AT) Kathrin Röggla (AT) OchoReSotto (AT) Polwechsel (AT) Ritornell (AT) Robert Menasse (AT) Veronika Mayer (AT) Runes (AT) Slack Hippy (AT) Black Manna (AT) Lois Lane (IT) Wattican Punk Ballet (AM) M.A.R.S. (AT) Franjazzco (AT) antiehdas (AT) DJ Die Soon (JP) DJ Dizzy (AT) Fauna (AT) feelipa (HR) Florian Puschmann  (AT) Citizens (AT) iBootz (AT) Macello Basstrojani (AT) Tornquist (AT) Melodien für Millionen (AT) Re-lay (AT) Cheever (AT) Gassnhauer (AT) Mike Fidel & finna (AT) Bert Bricht (AT) Phil Madeiski (AT) Interpenetration DJ Team (AT)

>> Elevate Festival 2012 website

Elevate Festival 2011 - Elevate the 21st Century

Under the motto „Elevate the 21st Century“, the development of past years and perspectives for the future were discussed. Although there was a huge progress in technical issues, a positive change of society has to come from human beings.

In addition to the Festival Opening, Sunday was certainly one of the festival’s highlights. The documentary film “The Crisis of Civilization” and the main discussion in the evening brought different perspectives of experts together. National and international guests like Mark Stevenson, Corinna Milborn and James Vasile shared their ideas and seeded a lot of motivation with the audience.

This year, the music-program again presented a mixture of electronic music, far away of mainstream. In discussions on Saturday and Sunday, artists took a look at the future of bass- and electronic-music. Workshops also offered the opportunity to improve the personal knowledge about music practically.

The literature-program was held in cooperation with the Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten again as hörgeREDE – the festival inside the festival. 

 The Elevate Festival has been known internationally for many years. This time a Bavarian Broadcast–team came to the Styrian capital to report live on the festival and the city. In addition, cooperation with national Media was supported – Radio Helsinki and put some of the discourse events live on air. FM4 and the Kleine Zeitung reported on the festival constantly.

By using the technology of the 21st century, it was also possible to see the discourse program online. Some hundred viewers were counted on the Live-Stream of the Festival’s mediachannel. Data transmission was supported by the new cooperation partner Citycom, which also enabled free WLAN-access at the Forum Stadtpark and the Dom im Berg.

Speakers and participants:

Andrea Bührmann (DE) Andrea Kretschmann (DE) Angela Köppl (AT) Bernd Röttger (DE) Carolin Wiedemann (DE) Christian Holter (AT) Christian Payne (UK) Christian Pointner (AT) Christian Siefkes (DE) Corinna Milborn (AT) Dean Puckett (UK) Erich Moechel (AT) Ernst Schriefl (AT) James Vasile (US) Jens Schanze (DE) Johan Galtung (NO) Johanna Muckenhuber (AT) Juan Manuel Biaiñ (AR) Karen Kastenhofer (AT) Kumi Naidoo (ZA) Margarethe Holzer (AT) Mark Stevenson (UK) Marlies Ortner (AT) Max Schrems (AT) Michael Bauer (AT) Mona Bricke (DE) Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed (UK) Niels Boeing (DE) Ondi Timoner (US) Pat Mooney (CA) Rainer Rosegger (AT) Richard Heinberg (US) Robert Stachel (AT) Sharif Abdel Kouddous (US) Teresa Distelberger (AT) Theresa Schütz (AT) Tim Stüttgen (DE) Urban Liberation Front (AT) Vina Yun (AT) Volker Eick (DE) Werner Zittel (DE)


Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (JP) Adnan Popovic (AT) aiko aiko (AT) Alfred Schwarzbauer & Top*S (AT) Anja Utler (DE) Anstam (DE) B. Fleischmann (AT) bad wolf (AT) Bernstein (AT) Biomat (SK) Bitz & Puschmann (AT) Boddika (UK) Captain Pressure (AT) cfsn Djs (HR) Cheever (AT) Cherry Sunkist (AT) Chez Damier (US) Christof Kurzmann (AT) Citizens (AT) Clara Moto (AT) Crazy Bitch in a Cave (AT) Daniela Seel (DE) Dark Sky (UK) DeepChord (US) Die sehr guten Textroller 2000 (AT) DJ Glow (AT) DJ Rak3te (AT) DJ Redstar aka Bogdo (AT) Dorian Concept (AT) doze (AT) Dylan Ettinger (US) Element012 (AT) Fantastic Mr. Fox (UK) Favela Gold (AT) feelipa (AT) Ferdinand Schmatz (AT) Fontarrian (AT) Franz Hautzinger (AT) Fuckhead (AT) Gerhard Rühm (AT) Henry Bootz (AT) Herwig Holzmann (AT) High Wolf (FR) Holy Other (UK) Hype Williams (UK) Id (AT) IZC (AT) IZEN (AT) Janine Rostron (DE) Jon Hopkins (UK) Josip Klobucar (HR) Kajkyt (BA) kon.txt (AT) Konrad Becker (AT) Kyle Hall (US) Laokoongruppe (AT) LE TAMTAM (AT) Loefah (UK) Low Frequency Orchestra (AT) luX (AT) M.A.R.S. (AT) Maria Minerva (EE) Mark E (UK) Marlene Streeruwitz (AT) Michal Zietara (IT) Morphosis (LB) Move D (DE) NA (AT) neurologic b2b ib..noze (AT) Nite Jewel (US) onoxo & Liik (HR) Opcion (AT) orjo (AT) PDF a.k.a. Phil da Funk (AT) Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman (UK) Phon.o (DE) Photek (US) PLANNINGTOROCK (DE) Point (AT) Rainer Klang (AT) Raz Mesinai aka Badawi (US) Reddey (IT) redekraM – Markeder (AT) Reflector (AT) Robin Fox (AU) RocketNumberNine (UK) Rockwell (UK) Roman Rauch & Alex Bayer (AT) Sansculotte (DE) Simon Reynolds (US) Simon/off (AT) Slack Hippy (AT) Solar Bears (UK) Somatic Responses (UK) Space Dimension Controller (UK) STRAßE DER ENTHUSIASTEN (AT) The Clonious vs. Cid Rim (AT) TwatEoT (AT) White Elephant (AT) Yukon, Fnord & Marv on Tagtool (AT) Zanshin (AT)

>> Elevate Festival 2011 website

Elevate Festival 2010 - Elevate Civil Society

The Elevate Festival 2010 - "Elevate Civil Society" - presented internationally acclaimed guests like Iara Lee, Béatrice Achaleke and Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men and featured discussions on some of the most important issues of our time and tried to find ways for everyone to work against the climate and economic crisis.

At the same time Elevate offered a wide range of electronic music, which inspired conscious listening. Big names like Robert Hood, Joy Orbison and Merzbow made music aside the mainstream and showed their desire for experiments.A newly created literature program was featured, as well as workshops in the Elevate Lab and a new discourse part in tthe music secion called "Elevate Music Talks".


Participants / Discourse:

Anjali Kamat (IN) Anna Daimler (AT) Béatrice Achaleke (AT) Bill McKibben (US) Clemens Apprich (AT) Daniela Kraus (AT) Franziskus Forster (AT)    Frederick Baker (AT) Fritz Pichlmann (AT) Gerald Bäck (AT) Hans G. Zeger (AT) Herwig Schuster (AT) Iara Lee (BR) Irmi Salzer (AT) Katharina Soos (AT) Kathrin Hartmann (DE) Klaus Schönberger (DE) Klaus Unterberger (AT) Mercedes Bunz (DE) Micha Matzer (AT) Michaela Moser (AT) Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men (US) Niklas Schinerl (AT) Nnimmo Bassey (NG) Ove Sutter (AT) Rahel Sophia Süß (AT) Rob Hopkins (UK) Robert Foltin (AT) Robert Misik (AT) Wenonah Hauter (US) Wolfgang Rehm (AT)


a thousand fuegos (AT) Actress (UK) Altered Natives (UK) Anna Leiser (AT) B.L.O. (AT) Baconhead (UK) Bernstein (AT) Cheever (AT) Chris Corsano (US) Chrissy Murderbot (US) Christof Dienz (AT) Christoph de Babalon (DE) Claro Intelecto (UK) Dead Fader (UK) DJ Moodswinger (CS) DJ Spinn (US) Dr. Blake (AT) Dub Coretette (AT) Duodroume (BR) Elektro Guzzi (AT) elffriede i.a. (AT) Emeralds (US) F. Puschmann (AT) Felix Kubin (DE) Felony Flats (CS) Florian Scheibein (AT) Fontarrian (AT) Fritz Ostermayer (AT) Funk Guru (HR) Giles Smith (UK) Girl Unit (UK) Hella Comet (AT) Hudson Mohawke (UK) Id (AT) Incredible Bob (CS) Istari Lasterfahrer (DE) Jamie xx (UK) Jörg Piringer (AT) jopa (AT) Joy Orbison (UK) Krach der Roboter (DE) Lisa Spalt (AT)  M.A.R.S. (AT) Martin Kober (AT) Melita Jurisic (HR) Merzbow with Balázs Pándi (JP) metalycée (AT) Mischa (AT) Mount Kimbie (UK) Mussurunga (AT) Nik Bärtsch (CH) Oddsac (US) Oneohtrix Point Never (US) orjo (AT) Oswald Egger (AT) Otto von Schirach (US) Over At The Stars (AT) Physically F!T (AT) Piece of Shh... (CS) Project MOE (HR) Pursuit Grooves (US) Robert Hood (US) Rotator (FR) Sandwell District (Regis & Fun...) (UK) Slobodan Milosevic (BH) Soundscapes A/V event (CS) (CH) Terre Thaemlitz (US) The Tweakers (AT) Tingel Tangel (AT) Tomoroh Hidari (AT) Toro y Moi (US) Trash Van Traxxx (ES) Vikkake (AT) VJ Pora (BR) Waikiki Star Destroyer (AT) Walls (UK) Wilhelm DJ Team (AT) WoO (CS) Yoko Tawada (JP)

>> Elevate Festival 2010 website

Elevate Festival 2009 - Elevate The Crises!

With an extensive program of discussions, workshops, lectures, and film presentations, Elevate Festival 2009 fostered a better understanding of serious world crises (in the areas of climate and energy, natural resources, nutrition, economy, politics and media) that are currently posing significant challenges to humanity. At this juncture, the focus was on examinations of alternative perspectives and analyses diverging from inadequate explanatory models, which are frequently distorted by political interests and dominated by mainstream media and public discourse.


Leading expert on the ecological crisis, geoengineering and nanotechnology, and laureate of the Right Livelihood Award, Pat Mooney (CA); NY Times journalist and winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Price for investigative reporting, David Barstow (US); co-founder of the daily news program Democracy Now! and laureate of the 2008 Right Livelihood Award, Amy Goodman (US); historian and long-standing reporter for Austrian public TV ORF, Raimund Löw (AT); leading expert on agricultural policy and sustainable food systems, and winner of the 2008 and 2009 Derek Cooper Award at the BBC's Food and Farming Awards, Geoff Tansey (UK); bestselling author and Attac Austria co-founder Christian Felber (AT); renowned journalist and lecturer at the University for Journalism FH Vienna, Anneliese Rohrer (AT); professor of geophysics and director of the Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, Gottfried Kirchengast (AT); outstanding economist and political scientist, Gabriele Michalitsch (AT); organic farmer and ÖBV Via Campesina Austria speaker, Irmi Salzer (AT); journalist and author of the Austrian media encyclopedia, Harald Fidler (AT); distinguished political scientist and professor emeritus of Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Joachim Hirsch (DE), and many more..


participating artists:

.mrt (AT) ]BANDE[ (Yukon, Fnord) & Marv on Tagtool (AT) 00Piano (AT) A:lex (AT) Bass Clef (UK) Bitz (AT) Byetone (DE) Canc (AT) Channel-f (AT) Christoph Fringeli (CH) Clara Moto (AT) Cluster (DE / AT) Cooly G (UK) Damo Suzukis Network (JP) Darkstar (UK) Dave Aju (US) Despoilah (BE) Dual (AT) Dub Coretette (AT) Elexx.Ender + Henry Bootz (AT) Evangelista (US) F. Puschmann (AT) feelipa & El Rakkas (AT) FFF (NL) Glitterbug (DE) Gross Prophet (AU) Grzek & d.nye (AT) I:Gor (PL) Ikonika (UK) Jackmaster (UK) Jahcoozi (DE) Jon Hopkins (UK) King Midas Sound (UK) KK Null (JP) Kode9 & The Spaceape (UK) L`Orange (AT) L-Vis 1990 (UK) Ladyscraper (UK) luma.launisch (AT) M.A.R.S. (AT) Markus Lindner (AT) Martyn (NL) Micachu & The Shapes (UK) Microthol (AT) Mr. Monkeyshines (AT) Next Life (NO) Omar S (US) orjo (AT) Phillipe (HR) Portable aka Bodycode (PT) Ray Okpara (DE) Redstar (AT) Reflector (AT) Rhythmus 42 (AT) Ritornell (AT) Sebastian Feyerabend (AT) sebo.n (DE) Seefeel (UK) Simon/Off (AT) Sito (AT) Slack Hippy (AT) Sterling (AT) The Clonious (AT) The Incredible Hexadecibels (NZ) The Striggles (AT) woei (AT)

>> elevate 2009 website

Elevate Festival 2008 - Elevate The Commons!

The aim of Elevate 2008 was, together with scientists and activists, to raise awareness of the importance of Commons and to shed light on the social and cultural conflicts in the usage of these goods. This was the framework for discussions, workshops, films and lectures as well as for the presentation of innovative projects.


Farmer and winner of the Right Livelihood Award 2007, Percy Schmeiser (CA); musician, author and multimedia artist, Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky (US); journalist and Science Commons expert, Kaitlin Thaney (US); leader of Creative Commons Brazil, author and professor of law, Ronaldo Lemos (BR); author and Commons expert, David Bollier (US); founder of the Free Knowledge Network, Petra Buhr (DE); Commons activist and blogger Silke Helfrich (DE); Anne Schweigler (DE) from the BUKO campaign against biopiracy; political scientist and economist Massimo De Angelis (UK); Michael Tuck (US) from History Commons; the farmer and La Via Campesina activist Heike Schiebeck (AT); Hans-Jochen Luhmann (DE) from the Institute of climate, environment and energy in Wuppertal; bestselling author and publicist Christian Felber (AT); Stefan Meretz (DE), who studies the political economy of the free software movement; expert for international political economy and climate change, Achim Brunnengräber (DE); "legal project lead" of Creative Commons Austria, Florian Philapitsch (AT); co-director of the documentary film "Good Copy Bad Copy", Henrik Moltke (DK); and many more

participating artists:

Felix Kubin (DE) Fuck Buttons (GB) Attention Cosmonauts! (AT) Mimu (AT) Clara Moto (AT) Orjo (AT) DJ Spooky - That Subliminal Kid - A/V-Performance (US) EmeeGrant.pdf (AT) The Bug feat. Warrior Queen & MC Flowdan (UK, JM) Tim Exile (DE) Mark Pritchard aka Harmonic313 (GB) Rustie (GB) Dorian Concept (AT) Alfred Gassenhauer (AT) kon.txt (AT) Deadbeat (CA) DJ Pinch (GB) IZC (AT) El Rakkas (AT) Pita (AT) Pre (GB) MoHa! (NO) Drum Eyes feat. DJ Scotch Egg (UK, JP) Dokkebi Q (JP) Jakuzi´s Attempt (AT) N>E>D (GB) Bogdanovic aka DJ Redstar (AT) F. Puschmann (AT) Atom? (CL) Jay Haze a.k.a Fuckpony (DE) Danton Eeprom (GB) DJ Glow (AT) Dangerous Tweakers (AT) Illinoise (AT) Vikkake (AT) Starkey (US) Drums of Death (GB) Cee (AT) B.L.O. (AT) Chris Chronic & Focus (AT) Monster Zoku Onsomb (AU) Reverse Tunes (BR) LFO Demon (DE) Mad EP (US) Ars Dada (NO) Raxyor (US) Koolmorf Widesen (IT) Syncope (AT) Monstamash (AT) Jacques Prell vs. Johannes Jeindl (AT) Eiterherd (AT) DJ c64 (CA) Cheever (AT) Martin Kober (AT)

>> elevate 2008 website

Elevate Festival 2007 - Elevate Democracy!

The Elevate festival 2007 adressed different critical views on the topic of democracy through a dense schedule of lectures, discussions, workshops and film screenings. It was a gathering of forward thinking activists, authors and scientists as well as a playground for new ideas and projects.

The stage was set for an open minded discourse and intellectual ex-change through talks from a combination of internationally acclaimed guests and local activists, as well as through public interaction in panels and discussions. Three topics over three days - "technology", "media and journalism" and "critique, theory and perspective" offered abundant opportunity for wide participation.

Guests included: the long term U.S. member of congress, Cynthia McKinney; Nieman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard University, and radio news Director turned CNN and Emmy Award winning ABC News Producer, Danny Schechter; filmmaker, Eminem video director, founder and activist Ian Inaba from New York; U.S. community Internet pioneer and wireless communication expert Sascha Meinrath; british author Dr. Richard Barbrook; net-activist and co-founder of "telepolis" online magazine, Armin Medosch; the software developer and author  Corinna "Elektra"  Aichele from Berlin; the author and publisher Christian Felber as well as the political scientist Univ. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand; the president of Reporters without Border Austria and long term ORF editor Dr. Rubina Möhring, the danish documentary film maker Karsten Kjaer and many other people who are concerned with and engaged in the topic of democracy.

participating musicians and artists:

Murcof (MEX) Sven König - sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ! Performance (DE) Soap & Skin (AT) Le Tam Tam (AT) Element012 (AT) Cheever (AT) Orjo (AT) Jackson & His Computer Band (FR) Deerhunter (US) Modeselektor feat. Paul St. Hilaire (DE) Pfadfinderei (DE) Drop the Lime/Curses! (US) The Scarabeus Dream (AT) Amtrak (AT) Stirling (AT) Bogdan Raczynski (CAN) Mike Dred (GB) Remarc (GB) Dorian Concept (AT) Beatrip (AT) SlickDevlan (AT) Renoa (AT) Skream (GB) Amit (GB) Virus Syndicate (GB) Oris Jay/Darqwan (GB) Mary Anne Hobbs (GB) Zvonko (AT) Silent Wolf (AT) Strukt (AT) 3 Channels (PL) Andy Stott (GB) Simon/Off (AT) Clara Moto (AT) Alfred Gassenhauer & Rudolf Roschitz (AT) Wolf Eyes (US) The White Mice (US) Shawn Greenlee/Pleasurehorse (US) OvO (I) MoHa! (N) DJ Scotch Egg (J) Dorian Pearce (AT) Friedrich Locke (AT) Steffen Kube (DE) & Sebastian Feyerabend (AT) Pantytec (DE) Les Cerveaux Lents (Ark & Mikael Weill) (FR) Baby Ford (GB) Bitz (AT) Tuca (AT) Illinoise (AT) Onoxo (HR) VJ Azz (TW) Raiden (EST) Audio (GB) Apex (GB) Feelipa (HR) DJ Snare (AT) dDamage (FR) The Teknoist (GB) Krumble (FR) Slepcy (PL) Society Suckers (DE) Pisstank (GB) Gromov (RU) Frida Kore (AT) Ravage (AT) Sabotage Hybrid (AT) Eiterherd (AT) Dades (AT) Naritia (AT) Kilmou (AT) Pilatus (AT) M.A.R.S. (AT) Milou (AT)‏

>> elevate 2007 website

Elevate Festival 2006 - Elevate The Debate!

elevate the debate!

Also in 2006 elevate was not just about music, but also about  political discourse and knowledge. It was a gathering of forward thinking activists and initiatives as well as a playground for new ideas and projects. Topics such as "guaranteed basic income", "free media / public television and radio / perspectives of digital technology" and "digital video streaming and distribution", were presented and discussed in a relaxed atmosphere. Independent organisations and all kinds of activists were featured and were also incorporated into the planning process of the content of the festival. The festival was and is about encouraging people to think and act politically as well as empowering critical positions.

guests: ORF-Public Value head of department Dr. Klaus Unterberger, Veronika Leiner of Verband Freier Radios Österreich VFROE, Robert Suchar CEO of the free Radio Helsinki in Graz, the Hacktivistas Tatiana de la O and Lluis Gomez Bigorda from Spain, sociologist Dr. Erich Kitzmüller, Mag.a Nicole Lieger the head of department of the Ludwig Boltzmann Instituts für Menschenrechte in Vienna, author and co-editor of the magazine Grundrisse Dr. Karl Reitter

elevate and create!

Furthermore a lot of workshops are hosted by the elevate festival: Tim Exile's Clevaclox, as well as workshops on Streetart and VJing.

artists: Justice (FR)  Uffie + Feadz (FR) Christopher & Raphael Just (AT) Monster Zoku Onsomb! (AU) Tibor Holoda (SK) vj azz (TW) Gustav & Gang (AT) Luke Vibert (GB) Jimmy Edgar (US) machinedrum (US) Naos (AT) Winterphonic (AT) Cheever (AT) mimu (AT) Plaid AV with Bob (GB) Clark (GB) Tim Exile (GB) Wisp (US) X&trick (BE) Photophob (AT) Winterstrand (AT) zvonko (AT) Orjo (AT) Flimmerflitzer (AT) Tadeo (ES) Damian Schwartz (ES) [a]pendics.shuffle (US) Bitz & Puschmann (AT) Man e faces (AT) Seba (SE) Fanu (FI) DJ Distance (GB) Funk Guru (HR) Rmf (AT) SlickDevlan (AT) rec7 (AT) Team Plastique miyara supasaiyajin (AT) So und So (AT) Dorian Pearce (AT) Rentokill (AT) With Love (AT) Many Men Have Tried (AT) Dimitrij (AT) Anchors Up (AT) Rex the Dog (GB) Apparat (DE) Kero (US) Kabelton (AT) M.a.r.s (AT) Claramoto (AT) Illinoise (AT) Lux (AT) Noisia (GB) Outrage (GB) Current Value (DE) Wenshiz b2b Friday13 (AT) Zeck (AT) Bernstein (AT) Otto von Schirach (US) Drumcorps (US) Xanopticon (US) Noize Creator (DE) Gigglin Dildas (BE) tHE nAM sHUB OF eNKI (AU) Todesstern (AT) 1Bomb>1Target (AT) Eiterherd (AT) Any Maniac (AT) D.I.S. (DE) B.L.O. & Finna (AT) Naritia (AT) Beardyman (GB) JFB (GB

>> elevate 2006 website

Elevate Festival 2005 - Independent People / Independent Movements

Guests of the elevate-festival and workshop hosts were: The creator of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and encryption expert  Philip R. Zimmermann / USA, the founder of the free online enzyclopedia Wikipedia Jimmy Wales / USA, the political scientist teaching in Mexico and author John Holloway / Ireland, the journalist, director and media-guerrilla Stephen Marshall / USA, the journalist Paulo Moura from Portugal, the political scientist and economist MMag.a Gabriele Michalitsch / Vienna

artists: Dälek (US) Waxolutionists (AT) Attwenger (AT) Puppetmastaz (DE) JFB pres. Abstractivity (GB) Linkmen (AT) Mafia Entertainment (AT) Dero (AT) MC Beardyman (GB) Throwdown Girls (GB) Aggressive Snail Attack (HR) Hailaends (AT) Sind & Essen (AT) Naos (AT) Minime (AT) Marek (AT) Autechre (GB) DMX Krew (GB) µ-Ziq (GB) Hrvatski (US) N>E>D (GB) Alive (AT) zvonko (AT) Mimu (AT) LUX (AT) Basteroid (DE) Jake Fairley (DE) Bitz & Puschmann (AT) M.A.R.S & Haadrian (AT) Paradox (GB) Equinox (GB) Kodini (AT) Kulix (AT) SlickDevlan (AT) rec7 (AT) Bust The Box DJs chfs (AT) dd kern (AT) The (International) Noise Conspiracy (SE) Mediengruppe Telekommander (DE) The Cribs (GB) Psycho Path (SI) Clockwork Orange (AT) The Scarabeusdream (AT) The Famous Band Lasch (AT) Midgard Antimaniax (AT) Forever Ends Tonight (AT) Surviving the Sunset (AT) Astpai (AT) Perishing Mankind (AT) Ellen Allien (DE) Abe Duque (US) Modeselektor (DE) Kamuflaas Digital (AT) Illinoise (AT) Ella Esque & Emanuel[RT] (AT) Evol Intent Exile DJ Hidden & EYE-D Shroombab (AT) Zeck (AT) Dan Doormouse (US) Jason Forrest aka. Donna Summer (US) Monster Zoku Onsomb! (AU) Hecate (CH) C.Fringeli (CH) Electric Kettle (FR) Parasite (GB) Rotator (FR) Eiterherd (AT) Any Maniac (AT) Naritia (AT) Anakissed (GB) Cheever (AT) e.stonji (DE) Winterstrand (DE) Lenz & Vocalist Claudia Hemmer (AT) Schauer (GB) Terocal (GB)

>> elevate 2005 website

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